January 2010
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I hate grasshoppers!!

Ngan Hac Giay Volunteers

Last Sunday, I went to meet with some volunteers from the Ngan Hac Giay Organization.  I was picked up at my Aunt’s house at 8:00AM by Son…one of the lead volunteers of the group.  We were going to meet the other members at a park right in front of Diamond Plaza […]

The Best Drink in Vietnam

Cafe Sua Da…ok, but not the best drink

I know that many tourists and locals alike become addicted to Vietnamese Iced Coffee (cafe sua da)…and I regularly see it cited as the drink that people most remember during their stay in Vietnam.  My Aunt says she has to have an iced coffee in the morning […]

Driving a motorbike in Saigon

My late uncle's old bike I'm currently using

When I first arrived in Vietnam, I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to drive on the crazy streets of Saigon.  I had read from some expats that you can get around the city fine by walking and taking the buses and I had intended […]

A pass on the gas

no farting allowed

One of the strange things I’ve noticed since arriving in Vietnam is how little gas I’ve passed since I’ve been here.   I am not an especially gassy person per se….but I do give the occasional toot every now and then…but nary a whisper the past month.  I am a little lactose intolerant…but […]

Haircut in Vietnam

Dude…are you sure you know what you're doing?

I’ve used the same barber in San Antonio for over 30 years.  My barber Ken Nutt is a great guy.  He is a former Marine who served in Korea and a classic car aficionado.  He has built himself a few hot rods over the years and shows […]

I Spy a Stye

ouchy eye

The bottom of my left eye has been aching for a few days…and now I know why.  The last time I had a stye/boil was when I was a very dirty little boy.  I hope all of you that said I was overreacting re: hygiene in Vietnam, are happy.  🙂

Hopefully this goes away […]

Suck Hoe

Suck Hoe!!

I found this magazine in my Aunt’s bathroom.  At first glance it looks likes a porno magazine.  But since my Aunt is 70 years old…I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

hehe….in actuality it’s a health magazine.  S?c kh?e means “good health” or something to that effect.

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What to pack to Vietnam - part 1

My life in 3 suitcases

This post is directed more so at people that are looking to stay in Vietnam for an extended period (more than a month) than for tourists…however I hope that it can be useful for anyone traveling to Vietnam.

First of all you are only allowed 2 pieces of check in luggage […]

Rainy day in Saigon

Rainy Day in Saigon

Is this what I can expect for weeks on end during the rainy season?  I know that when it rains…most everyone wears those plastic ponchos….but if you’re riding mopeds around your legs and pants surely still gets wet.  Do you walk around with wet pants all day…or does everyone carry an […]

Volunteering in Vietnam

The Gia Rai

One of the main reasons I came to Vietnam was to try to develop a little perspective after my divorce….and in order to do that I need to be able to appreciate all the luxuries that are afforded to me.  When I say luxuries….I don’t mean material things like cars, TVs, video […]