January 2010
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I can't believe I ate the whole thing Part Deux

I should've stopped eating at 20

I made the mistake of telling my Aunt how much I liked to eat steamed clams dipped in lemon, salt and pepper….so she goes and makes me about 4-5 pounds worth.  This dish was one of the things I was most looking forward to eating once I came to Vietnam.  Sure you can get clams in the US but they are never as fresh or as big as this….not to mention pretty expensive.

The first 20 clams I ate were delicious…and I was ready to stop….but my Aunt laid a guilt trip on me saying how wasteful it would be for me to not eat the rest…and that they would be no good the next day.  So I forced myself to eat the whole thing…falling into a food coma soon after.  I don’t want to look at another clam anytime soon.


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7 comments to I can’t believe I ate the whole thing Part Deux

  • CG

    keep eating like that and you will indeed get to test the Highland Coffee pooper.

  • odgnut

    I always make sure to remind myself to do the dirty deed before I ever leave the house…and I try never to eat too much when I am out and about.


    Perhaps now after a week without clams you are ready to enjoy the best spicy clam pho in the world, In my humble opinion?
    PHO NGHEU HUONG THANH at 276 Le Thanh Ton, Q1. Near the New World Hotel.
    I recently wrote a review for tripadvisor.com about this place.

  • odgnut

    haha…I don’t think I’m ready for that yet Clifton. I think I am probably the only Vietnamese person in the world that doesn’t like Pho. I can eat Pho maybe once a month at most…add clams to that…just the thought makes my stomach churn.

  • vincent chua

    odgnut, if you dont like pho, try the sate soup with the noodle. If you are not ready for clams, savour the noodle in sate soup with mushrooms or fish. Trust me, the sate soup can be addicting if it suit your taste buds.

    • odgnut

      Thanks for the recommendation Vincent. I haven’t tried sate soup yet.

      When I eat pho I usually eat pho bo vien (beef meatballs). The sliced beef in Vietnam seems to have a funny smell and taste that I just can’t get past.

  • vincent chua

    Try it. You will be in for a good surprise as there are many other side dishes which you can savour. Anyway, I understand they have moved out of their Le Thanh Ton outlet and they are now in 52A Nguyen Binh Khiem street, district 1.

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