January 2010
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Holy Crap!! Internet & Phone bill this month....$6

I was kinda worried about how much I was going to be charged for internet service this month.  My aunt had signed me up for phone and ASDL service through Viettel (2nd largest mobile operator in VN after Mobifone) and put me on a “pay as you go” plan instead of the “all you can eat” plan that we’re used to in the States.  My cousin said that he tested out the internet service for me just once…and the bill came out to be 60,000 Dong (about $3)…for just using it once for one day in November.  Upon hearing this…I had another cousin help me change my plan into the “all you can eat” plan ($20/month)…problem was, it wouldn’t take effect until February.

I have been using the hell out of my internet since I’ve been in VN.  I download a ton of movies, use skype to talk to friends and family in the U.S and stream video constantly.  I was thinking that if they charged me $3/day…my bill would be at least $90 US Dollars.  So when the Viettel bill collector came around today….I pulled out about $100, ready to fork it over.  When he said the total was 115,000 Dong, I thought for sure he was reading the bill for the wrong address….but the name and address was right.  Hmmm….maybe I shouldn’t have changed my plan into the “all you can eat” plan after all.

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