January 2010
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I Spy a Stye

ouchy eye

The bottom of my left eye has been aching for a few days…and now I know why.  The last time I had a stye/boil was when I was a very dirty little boy.  I hope all of you that said I was overreacting re: hygiene in Vietnam, are happy.  🙂

Hopefully this goes away before my trip to Chu Prong and Duc Co next week.

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4 comments to I Spy a Stye

  • Benny

    I was afraid you will post something like this. I recommend a doctor’s visit. I do not intend to ruffle any native feather, try to find a physician who may have had some Western exposure.

    I spent ten days in Saigon last August, and came back with bronchitis. My ENT guy in Houston said breathing Saigon polluted air was the culprit. So, be gentle as your body adjust to a new environment.

    • odgnut

      Thanks for the concern….but even with 5 doctors in my family…..we never go see a doctor unless we are on our deathbeds. Worse case scenario….I wait for this thing to get bigger and lance it myself. Don’t worry…I won’t post any pictures of that. 🙂

  • Benny

    Deathbed – What the heck? Dude, you just got there!! Spring a few bucks and let the pros handle it. Never leave to amateurs what can (and should) be handled by professionals.

    Take care, dude!! Take good care of yourself.

    • odgnut

      Not an issue of money….just don’t have the patience. I think that people go to doctors for too many minor issues that our bodies will naturally take care off given a little time. I also rarely take any type of medication when I’m sick…allows my body’s immune system to have a little workout. Besides…for a stye….a pro will just lance it and prescribe me some antibiotics. I can do the same thing myself.

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