January 2010
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A pass on the gas

no farting allowed

One of the strange things I’ve noticed since arriving in Vietnam is how little gas I’ve passed since I’ve been here.   I am not an especially gassy person per se….but I do give the occasional toot every now and then…but nary a whisper the past month.  I am a little lactose intolerant…but I never drank milk or ate much dairy products as an adult.

Maybe it’s from the lack of eating chocolate.  I have a very sweet tooth as anyone that knows me will attest to…and for me to not eat any chocolate for over 2 weeks now is a record.  I have been known to eat a couple bags of Kit Kats or Hershey’s Kisses in a single sitting.  No I am not proud of that. 🙂  Without the easy access to processed foods (potato chips, snacks, etc.) and candy at my Aunt’s house…my diet has definitely changed for the better of late.  As polluted as Saigon already is…at least I am doing my part to not contribute.  Any other Expats notice a similar phenomena?

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6 comments to A pass on the gas

  • Just give it some time, it will return 🙂

  • odgnut

    Well I broke down and bought a bag of Kit Kat today. I’ll give you an update on the consequences. 🙂

  • Now that you happen to mention it, I think I’m doing much better in Vietnam. I have a weak stomach, tend to get gassy very easily, stomach upsets are not very uncommon for me. But since coming to Vietnam, my digestive system has been functioning ‘gaslessly’. 🙂

    • odgnut

      It was great meeting you and Pulkit the other day!

      In regards to the passing of gas….sad to say….but Kevin was right…it does come back. Still not as bad as in the states though.

  • Craig N

    Hey man, we are waiting for a “gassy update”. Has the gas returned?

    • odgnut

      kinda sorta. The first month I didn’t eat any chocolate, cheese or anything with dairy in it. After I rediscovered all the “good stuff” the gas came
      back to a degree….but relatively rare compared to what I was used to in the U.S….doesn’t seem to stink as much either….but then that’s only my personal opinion. 🙂

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