February 2010
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Dinner is served...

Junk Food Night!!

This is actually my after dinner snack.  I was pretty good about avoiding eating junk food the 1st month I was in Vietnam….but ever since I discovered the Oreos hidden on the back shelf of my local Sieu Thi (Supermarket) I’ve been on a junk food kick ever since.  This is nothing […]

Oil Change, Bike Washed, Tires Inflated = $5

Where I got my oil changed

I’ve been driving around Saigon on my late Uncle’s old bike for about a month now, so it was due for an oil change and a wash.  My mom taught me that it is important to support the local businesses where you live so that they will in return […]

Things I admire about the Vietnamese

Hard working street seller in Saigon

Since I’ve been a bit whiny lately….I thought I would try to put something up a little more positive today.  And although some of my posts the last few weeks may make it seem like I am miserable in Vietnam….that is far from the truth.  Being in Saigon has […]

A Memorable Tet Week

Sunset in Vung Tau

Sorry for the lack of updates of late….but I’ve been a bit out of sorts the past couple of weeks, and what was going to be a quick 1 day trip to Ba Ria turned into 3 days….including 2 days in Vung Tau.

As expected, our dog Mr. Pepper had to be […]

Vacant Streets after Tet

Outside Ben Thanh Market

It’s the first day of The Year of The Tiger 2010 and most stores in Vietnam are closed.  Traffic is extremely light and for once it’s actually a pleasant experience to drive around Saigon.  I had been trying to avoid driving my motorbike the past week because of the insane amount […]

Tet in Saigon 2010

A sea of motorbikes

Saigon Opera House

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A night at the movies in Saigon

Hoa Binh Cinebox

I’m a huge movie buff.  Going to the movies has always been one my favorites things to do in the whole world. No matter how bad things are going….sitting in a dark movie theater and watching a great flick is the perfect way to escape from your problems for a few […]

In Dog I Trust...

One of my mom’s dogs is really sick right now….his name is Mr. Pepper.  Mr. Pepper is a tan Pekinese that was abandoned by his previous owner when he was around 3 years old.  He shares my mom’s house with his 5 Yorkie brothers and sisters and my own little girl Penny (the […]

US Dollars, Vietnamese Dong or Credit Cards?

Vietnamese Dong

Update November 2010:  $1 = 21,000VND at gold shops, only 19,500VND at Banks.

I’ve seen a lot of questions on travel boards about the best way to pay for things when traveling to Vietnam.  Although you can use traveler’s checks and/or credit cards at many of the bigger hotels, restaurants and other tourist destinations, […]


Protec Helmet and Neomask

Returned back to Saigon late last night and found out that my month old helmet had been snatched from my friend Son’s motorbike.   The helmet was wrapped around one of the metal hooks on the front of the bike which was parked in a garage…but the thief just yanked the helmet […]