February 2010
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In Dog I Trust...

One of my mom’s dogs is really sick right now….his name is Mr. Pepper.  Mr. Pepper is a tan Pekinese that was abandoned by his previous owner when he was around 3 years old.  He shares my mom’s house with his 5 Yorkie brothers and sisters and my own little girl Penny (the black and white Shih-tzu I use as the logo for my website).

Mr. Pepper

Mr. Pepper is about 15 years old.  His body has broken down badly during the past 6 months and he hasn’t been able to walk for awhile.  It takes a lot of time and effort to care for him daily….but my mom and sister have been doing their best to make him comfortable.  Now there is a cancerous tumor eating away at his face and he is starting to show signs that he is in pain.  Though it breaks our hearts at just the thought….we will most likely have to put him down soon so that he doesn’t have to suffer.  I hate it that I am in Vietnam right now and can’t help my family take care of him…and be there with him in the end.

When I moved to Indiana after getting married…I knew no one.  Soon after arriving, I bought my little girl Penny from an old couple on a farm.  If not for her…I might not be here today writing this post.  She was there for me through thick and thin and her presence was the only thing that made my last few months of Hell in Indiana bearable.  I could not love her any more if she were my own daughter.

The look Penny gave me before I left for VN

I have never had much faith in people or God….and everything that I have experienced in my life has only reaffirmed that position.  What I do believe in is the pureness of a dog’s love.  Is there any animal that is so faithful, so lacking in judgment, so forgiving?  A dog will give it’s own life to protect you and will love and remember you years after you’re gone.

If there is a God…and I really hope that there is….he has embodied all the goodness that should have been the traits of men….in the humble dog.  My little brothers and sisters have taught me more about patience and love than anything and anyone in my life.  My idea of heaven is to live in a small house in the mountains with green fields as far as the eye can see….so that all the kids can run and play to their heart’s content….and perhaps a movie theater for me….internet access….and all the chocolate I can eat. 🙂

I love you Mr. Pepper….and hopefully I’ll see you on the other side brother.


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3 comments to In Dog I Trust…

  • Khanh

    I know you don’t believe me but there is a God in heaven who loves you and sees all that you’ve been through. If you really want to know if he really exists, ask him to show himself to you, and be prepared because he will. People worship many gods in this world but there is only one true God, and that is Jesus. I’m so sorry about Mr. Pepper, he’s a cutie, so is Penny. God bless you, TD!

  • Thuy

    Ok so now that Ive read this it scares me.

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