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Me on Twitter? No way!!

Penny impersonating the Twitter bird

I’m going to start a small business in Vietnam soon (shhhhhh….it’s still a secret!) so I thought it might be smart to do a bit of networking.  I’ve managed to avoid using most of the social networks in the past, although I did try Facebook for a few months last year until I realized how much of a time waster it was.  I’m going to use Twitter to follow the exploits of some of my fellow expats and hopefully be able to contribute a bit to the conversation.  I’m also going to attend the Tweetup event tomorrow (9/14/2010) in Saigon so if anyone reading this attends I’d love to meet you.

Anyhow my tweets are going to either be the most mind numbingly boring or the most life altering tweets in history.  Epic (fail) I tell ya!  So follow me (odgnut) if you want to read some more frequent ramblings from yours truly.  I will  tweet my latest blog posts so you will know when I put something new up.   You can also read my tweets on the right sidebar of this blog.

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