April 2016
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Medical Insurance in Vietnam

Franco-Vietnamese Hospital in Saigon

Sometimes I get some really good tips in the comments section of prior posts from readers of my blog but they may get overlooked just because few people reread the older posts.  For instance, one of the pressing issues for expats that want to live in Vietnam is that of medical/health […]

Oil Change, Bike Washed, Tires Inflated = $5

Where I got my oil changed

I’ve been driving around Saigon on my late Uncle’s old bike for about a month now, so it was due for an oil change and a wash.  My mom taught me that it is important to support the local businesses where you live so that they will in return […]

Haircut in Vietnam

Dude…are you sure you know what you're doing?

I’ve used the same barber in San Antonio for over 30 years.  My barber Ken Nutt is a great guy.  He is a former Marine who served in Korea and a classic car aficionado.  He has built himself a few hot rods over the years and shows […]

What to pack to Vietnam - part 1

My life in 3 suitcases

This post is directed more so at people that are looking to stay in Vietnam for an extended period (more than a month) than for tourists…however I hope that it can be useful for anyone traveling to Vietnam.

First of all you are only allowed 2 pieces of check in luggage […]

Holy Crap!! Internet & Phone bill this month....$6

I was kinda worried about how much I was going to be charged for internet service this month.  My aunt had signed me up for phone and ASDL service through Viettel (2nd largest mobile operator in VN after Mobifone) and put me on a “pay as you go” plan instead of the “all you can […]