May 2016
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Fireballs and Diabetes


My dad's gift to me

My dad must really love me.  He gave me the gift to poop fire and develop severe diabetes when he arrived in Saigon last night :).  I believe I had mentioned in one of my older posts that my dad is a Buddhist Monk.  Actually he’s a Doctor/Monk.  He stills […]

71 Days = Puke City

The Culprit

DISCLAIMER!! You should not read the following post if you have a weak stomach!!

The other night I took my Aunt and her friend out to celebrate a belated International Women’s Day (Phu Nu Quoc Te), which is held on March 8th of every year. IWD is apparently a big deal […]

"Thank you…but I don’t eat that"

Vietnamese karaoke singer

Last night I did something that anyone that knows me would be shocked by……I went to a karaoke bar.  A friend had been bugging me to go with him and a group of his friends for awhile….and so in another effort to try to be more social I agreed.  No….I did not […]

Dinner is served...

Junk Food Night!!

This is actually my after dinner snack.  I was pretty good about avoiding eating junk food the 1st month I was in Vietnam….but ever since I discovered the Oreos hidden on the back shelf of my local Sieu Thi (Supermarket) I’ve been on a junk food kick ever since.  This is nothing […]

The Best Drink in Vietnam

Cafe Sua Da…ok, but not the best drink

I know that many tourists and locals alike become addicted to Vietnamese Iced Coffee (cafe sua da)…and I regularly see it cited as the drink that people most remember during their stay in Vietnam.  My Aunt says she has to have an iced coffee in the morning […]

Hygiene in Vietnam

Shower and Bidet combo at my grandmothers house in Vung Tau

So I’m in Vung Tau…staying at my late grandmother’s house.  The people currently living here are distant relatives…they have been taking care of the house since my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago….and in return pay no rent for their services.  Anyways, […]

4th Birthday in Saigon

Beautiful view at Binh Quoi

….however, the first 3 birthdays were before 1975….so I have no memories of them.

At this time last year, my wife surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas…we stayed at the Bellagio…had a lot of fun; we even spoke about perhaps trying to have a baby in the following year.  […]

I can't believe I ate the whole thing Part Deux

I should've stopped eating at 20

I made the mistake of telling my Aunt how much I liked to eat steamed clams dipped in lemon, salt and pepper….so she goes and makes me about 4-5 pounds worth.  This dish was one of the things I was most looking forward to eating once I came to […]

I can't believe I ate the whole thing

leftover birthday cake

It wasn’t even very good.  Yes I am a glutton.

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