April 2016
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Fireballs and Diabetes


My dad's gift to me

My dad must really love me.  He gave me the gift to poop fire and develop severe diabetes when he arrived in Saigon last night :).  I believe I had mentioned in one of my older posts that my dad is a Buddhist Monk.  Actually he’s a Doctor/Monk.  He stills […]

Me on Twitter? No way!!

Penny impersonating the Twitter bird

I’m going to start a small business in Vietnam soon (shhhhhh….it’s still a secret!) so I thought it might be smart to do a bit of networking.  I’ve managed to avoid using most of the social networks in the past, although I did try Facebook for a few months last […]

A rare case of ‘good service’

Nguyen Kim

Earlier this month, my Aunt (Di Tu) asked me to go with her to a large electronics store in Saigon called Nguyen Kim, to help her pick out a new CD player.  I recommended that she buy a portable media player like an iPod instead since they can store hundreds of CDs; which […]

The Whole Anh Em Thing

"Anh and Em" Me and my little brother in 1975

Titles, titles, titles….everyone in Vietnam has one.  Adults, kids, teenagers and even babies have them….there are so many that it’s sometimes even confusing to the locals.  For instance, you generally use the terms “Anh”, “Chi”, and “Em” within your immediate family.  “Anh” is […]

"Vietnamese Time"

Vietnamese Clock

A few weeks ago, a NPO (Non Profit Organization) I volunteer at set up a meeting so that the Supervisor and teachers could discuss the current curriculum for the English Class we were teaching.  The meeting was at 6:00pm….I showed up at 5:50pm and the Supervisor arrived a little after 6:00pm.  […]

Things I admire about the Vietnamese

Hard working street seller in Saigon

Since I’ve been a bit whiny lately….I thought I would try to put something up a little more positive today.  And although some of my posts the last few weeks may make it seem like I am miserable in Vietnam….that is far from the truth.  Being in Saigon has […]

A Memorable Tet Week

Sunset in Vung Tau

Sorry for the lack of updates of late….but I’ve been a bit out of sorts the past couple of weeks, and what was going to be a quick 1 day trip to Ba Ria turned into 3 days….including 2 days in Vung Tau.

As expected, our dog Mr. Pepper had to be […]