April 2016
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My new bike

My rebuilt 1967 Honda Benly 50s

This is my new bike.  It’s a completely rebuilt 1967 Honda Benly 50s.  Yes I know the color isn’t very manly.  Was going to go with black and silver, but eventually decided to make it white so I could use it in the promo/ads for my new business.  I […]

Road Rage in Vietnam

Knife Victim in Saigon

Last Friday there was a road rage incident on Cong Quynh street in Saigon.  Three friends (on 2 motorbikes) were  returning home from a night of drinking when they got into a close call with a couple of other guys on another motorbike…..an argument ensued and one of the 3 friends […]

Xin Loi...My Bad.

My purple foot

It’s inevitable when driving in around Vietnam that you will occasionally be bumped, scraped against, or rear ended whether you are on a motorbike or in a  car….most of time it will be minor and the parties involved will  just give each other a dirty look or exchange a barrage of curses […]

Oil Change, Bike Washed, Tires Inflated = $5

Where I got my oil changed

I’ve been driving around Saigon on my late Uncle’s old bike for about a month now, so it was due for an oil change and a wash.  My mom taught me that it is important to support the local businesses where you live so that they will in return […]

Vacant Streets after Tet

Outside Ben Thanh Market

It’s the first day of The Year of The Tiger 2010 and most stores in Vietnam are closed.  Traffic is extremely light and for once it’s actually a pleasant experience to drive around Saigon.  I had been trying to avoid driving my motorbike the past week because of the insane amount […]


Protec Helmet and Neomask

Returned back to Saigon late last night and found out that my month old helmet had been snatched from my friend Son’s motorbike.   The helmet was wrapped around one of the metal hooks on the front of the bike which was parked in a garage…but the thief just yanked the helmet […]

Driving a motorbike in Saigon

My late uncle's old bike I'm currently using

When I first arrived in Vietnam, I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to drive on the crazy streets of Saigon.  I had read from some expats that you can get around the city fine by walking and taking the buses and I had intended […]