May 2016
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Oil Change, Bike Washed, Tires Inflated = $5

Where I got my oil changed

I’ve been driving around Saigon on my late Uncle’s old bike for about a month now, so it was due for an oil change and a wash.  My mom taught me that it is important to support the local businesses where you live so that they will in return […]

A Memorable Tet Week

Sunset in Vung Tau

Sorry for the lack of updates of late….but I’ve been a bit out of sorts the past couple of weeks, and what was going to be a quick 1 day trip to Ba Ria turned into 3 days….including 2 days in Vung Tau.

As expected, our dog Mr. Pepper had to be […]

Vacant Streets after Tet

Outside Ben Thanh Market

It’s the first day of The Year of The Tiger 2010 and most stores in Vietnam are closed.  Traffic is extremely light and for once it’s actually a pleasant experience to drive around Saigon.  I had been trying to avoid driving my motorbike the past week because of the insane amount […]

Tet in Saigon 2010

A sea of motorbikes

Saigon Opera House

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A night at the movies in Saigon

Hoa Binh Cinebox

I’m a huge movie buff.  Going to the movies has always been one my favorites things to do in the whole world. No matter how bad things are going….sitting in a dark movie theater and watching a great flick is the perfect way to escape from your problems for a few […]

Driving a motorbike in Saigon

My late uncle's old bike I'm currently using

When I first arrived in Vietnam, I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to drive on the crazy streets of Saigon.  I had read from some expats that you can get around the city fine by walking and taking the buses and I had intended […]

I Spy a Stye

ouchy eye

The bottom of my left eye has been aching for a few days…and now I know why.  The last time I had a stye/boil was when I was a very dirty little boy.  I hope all of you that said I was overreacting re: hygiene in Vietnam, are happy.  🙂

Hopefully this goes away […]

What to pack to Vietnam - part 1

My life in 3 suitcases

This post is directed more so at people that are looking to stay in Vietnam for an extended period (more than a month) than for tourists…however I hope that it can be useful for anyone traveling to Vietnam.

First of all you are only allowed 2 pieces of check in luggage […]

Rainy day in Saigon

Rainy Day in Saigon

Is this what I can expect for weeks on end during the rainy season?  I know that when it rains…most everyone wears those plastic ponchos….but if you’re riding mopeds around your legs and pants surely still gets wet.  Do you walk around with wet pants all day…or does everyone carry an […]

4th Birthday in Saigon

Beautiful view at Binh Quoi

….however, the first 3 birthdays were before 1975….so I have no memories of them.

At this time last year, my wife surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas…we stayed at the Bellagio…had a lot of fun; we even spoke about perhaps trying to have a baby in the following year.  […]