April 2016
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Exchange Rate Update

I went to exchange money for the first time in a couple months today and was a little surprised by the current rate for the dollar.  The gold shops are currently giving 19,500 Vietnamese Dong for $1.  That’s about the highest I’ve seen it even as it seems that the dollar is weakening against most […]

Gold Shops No More?

Exchanging U.S. Dollars

I went to exchange some U.S. Dollars (USD)  into Vietnamese Dong (VND) today for the first time in a couple of months.  I was surprised how much things have changed since then.   It used to be that the gold shops around Vietnam offered a much higher currency exchange rate than the banks […]

Useful Words To Know In Vietnam

Restroom Sign in Vietnam

Here is a list of words that I think would be useful to know while traveling in Vietnam.  I am not going to write out a bunch of greetings and phrases you can easily find in most travel guides or Vietnamese language books….just words that you will often see on signs […]

How to get a 5 Year Visa Exemption

5 Year Visa Exemption (Mien Thi Thuc)

It used to be that anyone wanting to stay in Vietnam for a long time  could just get a 3 or 6 month tourist/business visa and extend it indefinitely.  Many expats have stayed in Vietnam for years using this method.  However, in the past year there seems to […]

US Dollars, Vietnamese Dong or Credit Cards?

Vietnamese Dong

Update November 2010:  $1 = 21,000VND at gold shops, only 19,500VND at Banks.

I’ve seen a lot of questions on travel boards about the best way to pay for things when traveling to Vietnam.  Although you can use traveler’s checks and/or credit cards at many of the bigger hotels, restaurants and other tourist destinations, […]

What to pack to Vietnam - part 1

My life in 3 suitcases

This post is directed more so at people that are looking to stay in Vietnam for an extended period (more than a month) than for tourists…however I hope that it can be useful for anyone traveling to Vietnam.

First of all you are only allowed 2 pieces of check in luggage […]

Saigon Buses

Green City Bus

I’ve already mentioned the 2 most common modes of transportation used around Saigon (taxis and xe om), yet another way of getting around the city are the ubiquitous green and blue buses.  The buses run pretty frequently throughout the day….wait times at most stops are around 10 minutes.  From my observation, the […]

Where to poop in Saigon

One of nicer coffee chains in VN

One of my bigger concerns living and traveling in Vietnam was….where do you go if you really have to GO?  I hate using public bathrooms even in the States which I believe have higher standards for cleanliness than most other countries.  I remember needing to pee really badly […]

Instant Millionaire

19 Million Vietnam Dong or about $1000 US Dollars

It’s been awhile since my first post, but things have been incredibly hectic so this is the first time I’ve had to sit down and relax in a couple of weeks.

I arrived in Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) at around 11:00pm local time December 29th, […]