May 2016
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71 Days = Puke City

The Culprit

DISCLAIMER!! You should not read the following post if you have a weak stomach!!

The other night I took my Aunt and her friend out to celebrate a belated International Women’s Day (Phu Nu Quoc Te), which is held on March 8th of every year. IWD is apparently a big deal […]

Dinner is served...

Junk Food Night!!

This is actually my after dinner snack.  I was pretty good about avoiding eating junk food the 1st month I was in Vietnam….but ever since I discovered the Oreos hidden on the back shelf of my local Sieu Thi (Supermarket) I’ve been on a junk food kick ever since.  This is nothing […]

A pass on the gas

no farting allowed

One of the strange things I’ve noticed since arriving in Vietnam is how little gas I’ve passed since I’ve been here.   I am not an especially gassy person per se….but I do give the occasional toot every now and then…but nary a whisper the past month.  I am a little lactose intolerant…but […]

I Spy a Stye

ouchy eye

The bottom of my left eye has been aching for a few days…and now I know why.  The last time I had a stye/boil was when I was a very dirty little boy.  I hope all of you that said I was overreacting re: hygiene in Vietnam, are happy.  🙂

Hopefully this goes away […]

Suck Hoe

Suck Hoe!!

I found this magazine in my Aunt’s bathroom.  At first glance it looks likes a porno magazine.  But since my Aunt is 70 years old…I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

hehe….in actuality it’s a health magazine.  S?c kh?e means “good health” or something to that effect.

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Crouching Tiger, Pooping Monkey

This cute little 7 month old monkey was tied up to a tree at my cousin’s house.  Yes, I know it’s cruel to tie up a monkey…but it really isn’t my place to tell people in another country how to treat their pets.  Anyways, the monkey lives with a bunch of other animals […]

Hygiene in Vietnam

Shower and Bidet combo at my grandmothers house in Vung Tau

So I’m in Vung Tau…staying at my late grandmother’s house.  The people currently living here are distant relatives…they have been taking care of the house since my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago….and in return pay no rent for their services.  Anyways, […]

I can't believe I ate the whole thing Part Deux

I should've stopped eating at 20

I made the mistake of telling my Aunt how much I liked to eat steamed clams dipped in lemon, salt and pepper….so she goes and makes me about 4-5 pounds worth.  This dish was one of the things I was most looking forward to eating once I came to […]

I can't believe I ate the whole thing

leftover birthday cake

It wasn’t even very good.  Yes I am a glutton.

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Where to poop in Saigon

One of nicer coffee chains in VN

One of my bigger concerns living and traveling in Vietnam was….where do you go if you really have to GO?  I hate using public bathrooms even in the States which I believe have higher standards for cleanliness than most other countries.  I remember needing to pee really badly […]