April 2016
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A Memorable Tet Week

Sunset in Vung Tau

Sorry for the lack of updates of late….but I’ve been a bit out of sorts the past couple of weeks, and what was going to be a quick 1 day trip to Ba Ria turned into 3 days….including 2 days in Vung Tau.

As expected, our dog Mr. Pepper had to be […]

Driving a motorbike in Saigon

My late uncle's old bike I'm currently using

When I first arrived in Vietnam, I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to drive on the crazy streets of Saigon.  I had read from some expats that you can get around the city fine by walking and taking the buses and I had intended […]

Hygiene in Vietnam

Shower and Bidet combo at my grandmothers house in Vung Tau

So I’m in Vung Tau…staying at my late grandmother’s house.  The people currently living here are distant relatives…they have been taking care of the house since my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago….and in return pay no rent for their services.  Anyways, […]

Saigon Buses

Green City Bus

I’ve already mentioned the 2 most common modes of transportation used around Saigon (taxis and xe om), yet another way of getting around the city are the ubiquitous green and blue buses.  The buses run pretty frequently throughout the day….wait times at most stops are around 10 minutes.  From my observation, the […]